Best Summer Destinations in the World

Summer is the time to escape the scorching sun and enjoy a plenty of chill activities. Vacationers are more likely to avail long leave and get away with their tinkering kids. The most common public places to spend more hours or days in summer are quiet gardens, mountains, caves, lakes, beaches, national parks, monuments, glaciers, and multifaceted resorts. Here are some specially picked summer destinations in the world.

Cornwall and Cotswold, London

The Eden Project in Cornwall and Gloucester limestone villages and Chedworth Roman Villa in Cotswold are the must-see attractions in London. Gloucester has many scenic natural sites like forests, estuaries, and about 90 gardens, including the Royal Forest of Dean and the Severn Vale.

The Eden Project is the largest biome center with sundry plants from different climates and environments. The geodesic dome shape has been brought by the intrinsic design of giant bubbles. Trails through the biomes lead to the outdoor gardens. You may also enjoy the rock concerts held there every summer. You may see the Romano British villas and the remains such as flooring, rest rooms, and underground heating in Chedworth Roman Villa. There is a roman amphitheater located outside the town of Cirencester.

Machu Picchu and Miraflores, Peru

Machu Picchu is a site of the largest Incan ruins with many spectacular stone temples, the Sun Gate, Hyana Picchu, the Incan Bridge, the Funerary Stone, the Royal Tomb, the high priest plaza, the Sacristy (a room of stone ornaments), the industrial area, prisons, and terraces. Huaca Huallamarca in Miraflores is another archeological site of pre-Incan ruins such as pyramids and a mummy museum. You may also explore parks in the city including John F Kennedy Park and Forest El Olivar.

Banteay Srei, Cambodia

Banteay Srei District is a destination of a large Cambodian Shiva temple and known as the Citadel of Women. Yajnavaraha and a counselor of King Rajendravarman II built it in 967. Explore the Butterfly Centre and Interpretation Centre that feature butterfly and sculpture painting displays, respectively. Some neighboring attractions are Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary, the Tonle Sap Lake, and Angkor Zoo.

Jasper and Niagara Falls, Canada

Jasper National Park is full of glacial lakes, rivers, and forests with diverse wildlife. The Glacier Skywalk and Columbia Icefield provide invigorating adrenaline experience to visitors. The walkway through the Skywalk lets visitors separate from a 918 foot drop. Inside the glass doom, it is possible to have a bird’s eye view of the city. The other areas of the Skywalk are waterfalls, reliquiae, and wildlife. Columbia Icefield is the largest glacier land in the Rocky Mountains. It is a bracing adventure that reveals the vast expense of stunning glaciers not found anywhere.

Niagara Falls lures around 8,000 tourists annually. Cruising in Maid in the Mist brings spectacular views of the thunder falls. Stepping into the Cave of the Winds, you will feel the incredible power of the falls.

Nagarkot, Pokhara, and Ilam, Nepal

Nagarkot is a small village on the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal known for the spectacular sight of the Great Himalayas and sunrise and sunset views. You may capture panoramic views of Mt Everest in the east and Kanchenjunga in the west. Pokhara is nestled with a deep green lake and small peaks with a backdrop of the shimmering, majestic Himalayas. In Annapurna Circuit, you can have enchanting activities like mountaineering, hiking, and cycling. Ilam is a famous tea destination having pristine lakes, forests, and picnic spots. Sadakpur is great for capturing the views of Mt Kanchanjunga, Mt Kumbhakarna, and Mt Everest.