Planning your itinerary is the most fun part of preparing for a world tour. Nevertheless, do not expect anything and take into account the various parameters.


How long ?

The first thing to do is to determine for how long you leave. Most rounds of the world last between 6 months and 1 year. This is the time it takes to have the time to visit several countries without too much rush but do not lose either full contact with his family and his professional environment. In addition, the duration of tickets around the world is theoretically limited to 1 year.

You have less than 6 months? Why not postpone your world tour and restrict your trip to one continent?

Make you dream

Make a list of the countries you absolutely want to visit. If you go to several, then we must reconcile the lists of each and see what are the countries in common, to arrive at a common list.

To help you, learn about countries by helping you travel forums and by reading guides. In torrent files, you can easily download a package from all Lonely Planet guides in old editions. Be careful, it’s bad and it’s illegal but you can catch up later by buying the real new guides in paper format.

Of course, this list evolves as time, budget, airfares and seasons are taken into account.

The falls of Iguazu it is dreaming!The falls of Iguazu it is dreaming!

How many countries?

Tourdumondists spend an average of 16 countries. The number of countries crossed is mostly between 11 and 21, depending on the length of the trip, the size of the countries crossed and the pace at which one wishes to travel.

It is better to limit the number of countries visited. In less than 3 weeks, you will have a hard time going beyond the main tourist spots of a country. Spending more time will allow you to get off the beaten track, to soak up the culture and thus open more easily to unexpected encounters with locals.

In which way ?

Among the blogs we have listed, there are almost as many travelers from west to east as travelers from east to west. The direction of the journey depends on the date of departure and the seasons in the countries crossed. It is therefore mainly a question of weather.