How to travel with Toddlers

Wondering how to travel with children, especially tantrum-prone toddlers? Just have in mind a set of preliminary steps to make your trip an enjoyable one. Without alienating with your tot, keep him comfortable and entertained, do smart backpacking, and proactively plan for seating and check-ins. In particular, moms of some toddlers feel the journey a nightmare.

Moms would have a fear of flying with their little kids, especially when the kids swiftly lurch and leave from check-in counters, elevators, or the seat inside the plane. If it is a train journey, children may totter down the subway stairs or may be out of control while boarding the train.

Here are some quick notes to allay the stress of parents.

Hard Situations

While takeoffs and landings, tots may get overwhelmed and it is hard to control them at those times. Similarly, during a train trip, your little ones may get scared of the whistling sound and handling them while boarding is even much harder. At such situations, calm them by giving pacifiers, talking them lovely, playing with them, or diverting their attention.

Plan for Clearances

Whether it is an airplane or train, parents should interchange their individual roles while clearances, e.g., the mom may have an eye on the kid while the dad is clearing off the formalities. Be aware of the regulations of the particular airport or railway system. Seating charges and baggage allowances vary from one to another. Most airways and railways permit a handbag and travel cots/boosters for kids. Ask if an additional seat may be booked for your baby if the airport or railway policies permit.

Cuddly Baby Items

Bring along snacks, toys, clothes, and all entertaining stuff to make your little kids involved for a long time. To avoid an extra bag for your kid, just carry a baby kit where you can pack a few things like a baby scarf, baby items, and medicines such as pain relievers and supplements.

It is a good idea to carry some gadgets that have video games, movies, and kid-friendly rhymes or songs.


If it is an exasperating journey, may it be airways or railways, with a long transit time causing much inconvenience to kids, consider making stopovers. Otherwise, children may throw tantrums or scream disturbing other passengers too. While stopovers, they may roam around, sprawl their hands and legs, and play a lot. Do not split your trip if your child is wilful.

Child’s Nature

You are the expert in knowing your child’s behavior and scheduling needs. Keep an eye on your child all along the trip and keep the child as much as relaxed and cooled. This is the best method to convert the trip into the most enjoyable one while traveling with your little one.

Take Care of Yourself

Making yourself comfortable is as much as important as caring your kid. Relieve stress by arriving early to the airport or railway station. This allows you to stay away from the crowds and avoid haste actions. Spend more time with your child while you are in check-ins/boarding gates or moving around to look forward the arrival of the train.