Best Entertainment Places in the UK

The United Kingdom is the island nation comprising England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. It is the home of historic significance, diverse landscapes, and modern technology. The country has versatile tourist attractions ranging from majestic archaeological sites, sandy beaches, industrial and commercial lands, and event centers to hot springs, colorful parks, and stunning historic buildings. There are even unconcealed gems of adventure and entertainment. Some of the most preferred places in the UK are as follows.

Warwick Castle

It is a medieval Norman castle along the Avon River constructed by Warwick in 1068. The ancient history of England over thousand years, a gibbet in the dungeon, towers, and ramparts offer a spellbinding experience to visitors. Live competitions for jousting and firing of siege engines that take place here are very thrilling. There is lodging facility in the Knight’s Village for those visitors who wish to stay overnight.


This is an extraordinary county in London with all-embracing diverse landscapes like castles, crags, gardens, ruins, beaches, shops, and adrenaline-pumping adventurous sites. See the following most popular charms in Northumberland.

The Alnwick Garden and Castle

The Alnwich Castle is hedged with exotic lush gardens and stretches of deadly flora. It is the stronghold of Norman Duke Alnwick, comprising buttresses, arcades, opulent Italian Renaissance style interiors, and tower houses. It is remarkable that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets have used this castle for shooting. The other impressive locales are Poison Gardens, Castle Grounds, Woodland Walk, the Treehouse Restaurant, and Dragon Quest. The trails along the top trees of Woodland Walk may lead to Craster (8.7 miles away), so the length of walk is left to the visitors. In Dragon Quest, you may see exhibits, activities, and humor horrors from dragon games to knight combat. This array of marvelous gems is a must-see destination.

Blyth Port

Blyth Port, having its origin in the 12th century, is flanked by the Blyth River and wind turbines. This location is renowned for its trade, green technology, and shopping center. It is a bustling city with business activities, nightlife, shopping, and entertainment.

Some popular attractions here are Battleship Warf, Blyth Turbine Farm, the High Light Lighthouse, Blyth Market, and Seaton Delaval Hall. Blyth Pier is ideal for catching the best views of the city, long trails, and relaxing.

Traveling North East of Blyth Port, you can visit places in Quayside such as Newcastle, Victoria Tunnel, and Graiger Town.

Skara Brae

It is a prehistoric place in Sandwick, Scotland, dating back to 5000 years and much ancient than Egyptian Pyramids and Stonehenge. It is a well conserved Neolithic settlement in Western Europe. It is the most lingering and awe-inspiring tourist spot. Trailing the villages, you get to see archaic buildings, dwellings, and home furnishing. The relics of jewelry, dices, weapons, and tools are showcased. Experience the serene atmosphere and also glaze at a variety of birds and flowers.

Isle of Skye

It is the largest isle in Scotland consisting of idyllic mountains, elegant colored houses, valleys, and caves, waterfalls, and beaches. You may reach easily to this island via the mainland or ship travel from Mallaig.


Trailing the rock shaped hills, which form the pinnacle of rock, can be viewed from far away. Start walking from Portree to Stalin. Travel along the gravel path and forests, grassy area, and rock faces to reach the hill top.


It is the ancestral home of Clan Donald with his saga and the long highland history. Explore the majestic castle, impressive gardens, and award-winning museum. Families enjoy a chain of activities, breathtaking views, cultural events, and shopping in this paradise. The gardens and woodland are wider landscapes suitable for long trails and stunning views of shimmering water of the Sound of Sleat and the Cuillin Mountain. Experience the wildlife sceneries of pine martens, eagles, and deers.


Catching the Northern Lights in Reykjavik in Iceland is an astounding experience. November to March is the best period to admire the sky beauty. You may stay in a restaurant in Seltjarnarnes, Perlan, or Letrabjarg to have night views. Try to watch at night when the sky is clear and temperature is below freezing.

Choose any hub or highland in the UK and explore an array of incredible sites in a trip. Happy traveling with your family!