Koh Phangan is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand but it is also the island of debauchery and the incredible party on the beach: the world-famous Full Moon Party …

In Koh Phangan it’s low season. We choose a hotel away from the crowd. Francois does not like English people. “That unnecessary superficial fetards,” he says. They usually all settle on the mythical beach of Haad Rin where the famous Full Moon Party takes place.

Our hotel is totally empty. We take the best bungallow directly on our private beach. Deadly!
The sea is less beautiful than Koh Tao oddly and it is not very easy to find fish or corals. Yet the island is much larger and we each rent a scooter to try to see more. We discover some small paradise beaches with white sand.

Very quickly we understand that Koh Phangan is not really for the sea that people go there.
It’s for the party. Incomparable with Koh Tao. This time there are thousands of people dancing on the beach every night on electro music.
In addition to the fire jugglers, we can make fire jumped rope, dive into burning hoops, limbo emflamme … we like the fire here and us too.
Besides, Francois is trying the jumped-fire rope. Impressive (soon the video on the site)!

Soon Gillou and O (his girlfriend Thai) join us with some friends to them. Seb Koh Tao is here too.
It’s nice to see the Gillou. It is all white it’s funny. With this case of Gillou fetard we spend the worst party since the beginning of the trip to the Full Moon Party on July 19th.

The day of the Full Moon Party land on the island thousands of fetards just for that.
This holiday is not different from those of other nights. It’s the same thing: many more people, many more bars, many more people tearing up, drugs, stuff, more stuff …

We find friends of Koh Tao down and the party lasts until dawn and after.
Gilou is not fresh, oddly Francois and Sylvain are tacket again at 6am. It is the Redbull from here who is very powerful (for my mother I specify that it is not a question of drugs, but of a legal energizing drink).
Of course, at the end of the evening, everyone was lost. Francois took the opportunity to make a photo report very informative (not to be missed) on this late evening and fetards still present. Cingles!

The next day is the great separation … Bouuuhouhuh …
It’s been a long time since Francois wanted to go on an adventure. He leaves for Singapore while Sylvain wants to follow Gillou and O to Bangkok. He wants to see Gillou in his natural environment and visit Ayuatthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand.

Sylvain and Francois will meet again later in Indonesia.